Sehr Performance Machine is a custom engine builder who offers wide variety of engines from a general use engine to a high performance competition engine and everything in between.  We have engines available in almost any form to meet the customers’ needs and wants. “Every engine is custom built to our individual customers’ request using our own precise standards”.

            Sehr Performance was created to do only one thing, “build only the highest quality engines at the best price possible”. That has been our motto and goal since day one and is still our number one priority.  In doing this we also found that customers trusted us to build not only the highest quality engine but sell the highest quality engine parts and services as well.

            I’m Scott Sehr, owner of Sehr Performance; I started my machining career in 1985.  I have strived for perfection since day one.  Believing that there is no such thing as “perfect”, I get as close as one can.  My fine tuning of the craft comes thru on all the engines I build, in quality and performance.  I’m constantly upgrading my building techniques and education to meet the changing requirements of todays and yesterdays engines.

            “Everyone in our shop puts their heart and soul into all that they do and that shines thru in everything from our engine packages, parts packages, and all of our custom services”.