Street Series Engines

Sehr Performance Street Engines:

Our Street Engine options, short block and long blocks, are a perfect choice for the person who wants a high quality built engine for a reasonable lower price.  Our Street Engine is designed for good horsepower and very strong torque at low to mid RPM ranges.  Even though the street engine is intended for general passenger and truck use, it is built for reliable performance with only high quality parts and is machined and assembled with all our performance techniques.  Our Street Engine has more horsepower and torque than any other in its class and with the impressive reliability; it has proven to be a great value for the dollar.

All of our street engines use only excellent seasoned cores that are completely machined and use all high quality seasoned machined components.  Only premium engine parts are used so reliability isn’t in question.  As always, every part is extensively triple checked and mic’ed so everything is at its precise best.  No other engine shop sells engines of this quality for the price.  

Our Street Engines are based on the stock rebuild concept but these are built at a higher level of machining and hard engine parts. We offer many different engine combinations to serve our customers needs. All of the machine work is done at our precise performance level and no short cuts are taken. We use premium factory style replacement parts in these builds to provide great reliability. Heavy-duty use and higher RPM levels are not recommended with this engine line. We use the correct combination of the factory 2-bolt blocks, factory connecting rods, factory crankshafts, and factory heads. Check out our Engine Machining Process Pages for all of the machining procedures that are included with these engine packages.

Our Street Engines Feature:

*Premium Hand Picked Cores

*Precision Machined Components

*Premium Quality Engine Hard Parts

*Heavy Duty Aluminum Pistons

*Moly Piston Rings

*King Engine Bearings

*Heavy Duty Timing Components

*Fel-Pro Engine Gaskets and Seals

*Brass Core Plugs

*Premium Camshaft and Lifter Kit

*All Components Properly Clearanced

*Professionally Hand Assembled By ASE Certified Master Engine Builders

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