Ford Street Short Block Packages




S-302-SB  $1699

This smaller cubic inch Ford engine is a great choice for the person desiring quick throttle response and good power and torque. The perfect engine for a lighter vehicle or light towing due to the 4” bore and the short 3” stroke and has good fuel saving capabilities. We have perfected this combination for reliability and power for the general passenger car and truck. Our street 302 engine features an 8.6:1 compression ratio using a 62cc cylinder head and uses a stage II 5.09” connecting rod. This engine is a common choice for a higher rpm capable engine for factory stock use.

S-351W-SB  $1799

This is our larger cubic inch Ford street engine which provides good all around power and torque through a wider rpm range. This engine is a great choice for the person who desires an engine for a heavier vehicle or for a truck for towing purposes. Because of the 4” bore and the larger 3.5” stroke one can expect this engine to provide good torque and power for the heavier vehicle or for towing. We use a piston that will have a compression ratio of 8.6:1 using a 64cc cylinder head and feature a stage II 5.956” connecting rod. The 351w street engine is a great choice for a heavier work load requirement.

Ford Short Block Upgrades

UP-BAL $225 Complete Balanced Assembly

Our competition balanced assembly provides a much smoother running engine, better throttle response and fuel economy. We equalize the weight of all rotating and reciprocating components, build the appropriate bob weights, and precision spin balance the crankshaft through the 8000RPM range. This insures less dynamic friction and more power and torque. Because any small imbalance multiplies with RPM, balancing can correct (In some cases) hundreds of pounds of effective imbalance which keeps the engine from fighting itself and relieves un-wanted stress on critical engine components.

UP-BAL-KIT-F  $245

New street harmonic balancer and flex plate.  This is a must for Ford engine balance. These hand-picked quality components far exceed reliability requirements to provide a solid and reliable engine.

** Our upgrades include the adjusted cost of all upgrade components, component assembly, related parts required for proper installation, all necessary extra machining procedures, and complete professional assembly.