Sehr Street Rod Short Blocks

All of our street rod short blocks use seasoned, hand picked cores that are thermo cleaned, checked for core shift, magnafluxed, shot blasted, equal and parallel decked, align honed, centerline perpendicular bored, CK-10 honed with torque plates, custom street rod cylinder finish, stroker clearanced, screw galley and core plugs installed, cam bearings installed, block prepped and lifter bores honed, cleaned and painted; new nodular crank shafts (383, 340, 400) thermo cleaned, magnafluxed, shot blasted, precision ground and micropolished; factory hand picked rods (stage IV reconditioned with ARP wave loc bolts) cores, thermo cleaned, shot blasted, precision stage IV reconditioned and side dressed; hyperutectic pistons, moly rings, performance bearings and seals. “Every short block is triple checked, clearances set and hand assembled according to our high standard factory specs”.

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