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Building High Quality Custom Engines Since 1995!

Welcome to Sehr Performance Machine and thanks for stopping by! I have been an engine and car enthusiast ever since I can remember, and I knew that the desire and drive was in my blood and this was going to be my life’s work. Since 1986 I have been honing my skills in the engine machining industry and keeping up with the ever-changing processes and procedures required to provide the latest technologies in the industry. Along the way I have noticed many different needs, requirements, and changes in the engine machining industry. In 1992 I earned my ASE Master Engine Machinist certification and was one of the first in the country to do so.

Wanting to make a big change in my industry I started Sehr Performance Machine in 1995 with the goal to provide top quality and precision-engineered machine work and engine assemblies in an energetic and positive environment, implementing many new practices and procedures. I think the customer should always be treated with respect and not as a number, which is our business philosophy.

I also created a machine shop flow system by assembling together accurate precision equipment to correctly machine all of the engine components in the correct order and using the correct procedures. This system insures that we provide our customers with superior machine work and we also use all of the updated engine machining techniques used for many of the top engine building racing sanctions. By doing this we know our customer is getting the very best that we can provide them no matter what level of engine that we build.

We hire only machinists to perform our engine work not machine operators. Machine operators run machines and hope for the desired outcome, they are able to perform duties with much less training. Machinists use the machines to create the desired outcome that the engine builder requires. Much like an artist uses his paintbrush to create a one of a kind original painting, our machinists use our machines to machine our engine components for a specific desired outcome and finish to create our work of art.

We engineer and build custom engines for a very specific purpose for our customer. We do not build assembly line cookie cutter engines that will just work OK. The engines that we design are built to precisely match the requirements and personality of each of our customers. We spend extra time with each of our customers so we can design the engine combination that will work the best for them and completely fill their needs. We offer many different engine levels and many different engine options for you, so I’m sure you can find the engine package you are looking for, from a short block to a complete dyno-tuned plug and play crate engine. We take no short cuts, we completely machine all aspects of the engine components, measure, inspect, and professionally assemble each component for maximum reliability and we implement several levels of quality control so your engine package will be precisely built whichever engine level you choose.

So come on in and look around! Check out our Machining Process pages to see all the in depth procedures we do when building your engine. Look at our Testimonial page for some words and experiences from a few of our many satisfied customers. Our Pro-Shop includes some bargains on quality parts and engines. Take a look at our Street, Street-Rod, and Competition engine lines and our long list of upgrades to build the engine for your specific needs and requirements. If you have any questions or need help with your package always feel free to e-mail and/or call and our engine builders will be very happy to get you headed in the right direction.

Again, Welcome to Sehr Performance Machine and we thank you for stopping in!

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