Available Upgrades

UP-EFI-HOLLEY  Holley Sniper Self Tuning EFI

This Holley Sniper EFI System will support up to 650HP. It features a simple 4 wire vehicle connection, throttle body mounted ECU, integrated ignition timing control, integrated fuel pressure regulator, wideband O2 sensor, and a color touchscreen. This kit includes a Holley EFI in-line fuel pump, fuel line, all filters and hardware needed to install. Answer a few questions on the calibration wizard and it quickly builds it’s on fuel maps for stress free tuning. It learns as you drive.

UP-EFI-FAST 1.0  FAST EZ EFI 1.0 Self-Tune

This FAST EZ EFI will support up to 550HP and will self-tune to your driving style. With easy installation, no tuning experience is required. Included is everything needed from the throttle body ECU, all sensors and wires. Complete harness is provided, perfectly labeled for easy installation and set-up. An in-line fuel pump and fuel line is also included with this package. The ECU features on board diagnostics to monitor all systems. Just answer a few questions with the hand held display and away you go!

UP-EFI-FAST 2.0  FAST EZ EFI 2.0 Self-Tune

This FAST 2.0 system can run E98, E85, and E15 fuels as other systems cannot. Capable of fueling engines up to 1200HP because of the higher flowing throttle body and injectors. An advanced color touch screen hand held controller will guide you through set-up and fine tune adjustments. This self-tuning system includes everything from the carb look throttle body, fuel pump, wire harness, O2 sensors, and everything necessary to fuel inject your higher horsepower hot rod.

UP-EFI-ATOMIC  MSD Atomic Self-Tune System

This MSD Atomic system features a 1000CFM throttle body with four 80lb injectors. Able to support up to 525HP, this self-calibrating system is a great choice for drivable high torque engines. All sensors are throttle body integrated except for the O2 sensor to offer a clean look. Fuel and timing curves are both self-learning. Comes with hand controller, wire harness, fuel pump, and everything needed. Can be used as returnless or return fuel system. This system is also capable of data acquisition.

UP-3750-INT-CRK  Internally Balanced Crankshaft

Our internally balanced 3.750" stroke crankshaft removes the external weight used for balancing to the inside and spreads evenly along the crankshaft. This decreases crank flex and snout deflection which provides a stronger and smoother running engine.

UP-BAL  Complete Balanced Assembly

Our competition balanced assembly provides a much smoother running engine, better throttle response and fuel economy. We equalize the weight of all rotating and reciprocating components, build the appropriate bob weights, and precision spin balance the crankshaft through the 8000RPM range. This insures less dynamic friction and more power and torque. Because any small imbalance multiplies with RPM, balancing can correct (In some cases) hundreds of pounds of effective imbalance which keeps the engine from fighting itself and relieves un-wanted stress on critical engine components.


Needed for externally balanced engines. These hand-picked quality components far exceed reliability requirements to provide a solid and reliable engine.


Needed for internally balanced engines. These high quality components work to provide much less crankshaft harmonics than the factory counterparts and are much stronger to provide needed reliability.


Our blueprinted quality oil pumps provide proper oil pressure and volume required for engine lubrication. We also provide, properly install, and align the required oil pump pick up tube. For reliability, we use a new engineered steel shaft guide and heat treated oil pump drive.


This is not your grandpa’s RV camshaft design! Our custom designed cam upgrade 20-30 ft lbs of torque and add 10-15HP in the mid RPM ranges, making this a option a great value for the dollar.


Our custom fuel saver camshaft can increase fuel economy 2-5 MPG when compared to factory designs. This is done by using the correct valve timing and duration for the engine so less throttle needs to be used, providing better fuel efficiency.


This true roller upgrade provides greater reliability and more accurate camshaft timing throughout the complete RPM range. Better power and quicker response is the noticeable outcome of this upgrade.


We professionally hand assemble the painted front cover and oil pan, seal and torque into place. We provide all quality seals, gaskets, and bolts. Chrome valve covers are installed and torqued. We hand pick the aluminum intake design to enhance engine performance, mill the intake for alignment and maximum seal, then install, seal, and torque to proper specifications. We use our experience and expertise in engine building to insure correct parts installation and positive engine seal.


We professionally hand assemble the painted front cover and oil pan, seal and torque into place. We provide all quality seals, gaskets, and bolts. Chrome valve covers are installed and torqued. We hand pick the aluminum intake design to enhance engine performance, mill the intake for alignment and maximum seal, then install, seal, and torque to proper specifications. We use our experience and expertise in engine building to insure correct parts installation and positive engine seal.

We then calculate needed carb CFM and timing curve for the engine requirements. We properly curve the distributor then correctly install and seal it. We install the high volume water pump, and a correctly calibrated Quick Fuel carb. A new distributor hold down and thermostat housing is installed. Custom NGK spark plugs recommended by NGK engineers specifically for your engine are installed along with plug wires. We eliminate the possibility of using the wrong components so the engine will have all “The Right Stuff” to provide the desired results. Just bolting on parts isn’t good enough and because there are so many options available, choosing the correct and calibrated control components is essential for proper engine performance and reliability.


Getting the most out of your engine not only requires putting together the right components, but also making sure that all the components are working together properly. On our in-house dyno we get real time data and have the ability to correctly tune together all the components to not only get great reliability but also great power and torque. The first 30-45 minutes of running time is the most critical time for proper component parts break in. If the tune, fuel mixture, or timing curve is not correct engine or parts damage can occur. We monitor all of these things in real time so your engine is not only primed and prepped correctly but it’s also broken in properly. We individually calibrate all components to work together for the best reliability and to get the most out of your engine. Proper engine priming, confirming oil pressure and flow, appropriate fuel pressure, timing, tune, and correct break in procedures are required. All of this is included in our dyno package.


Our custom designed hydraulic street rod camshaft will provide that hot rod street chop sound and fuel the engine for more power and torque. Included is a set of premium valve springs to control the valve timing at higher engine speeds, and high performance anti pump up lifters. One can expect a 20-25HP gain with this upgrade package.


Our custom designed solid street rod camshaft will provide a hot race car pro street sound. This head turner package includes valve springs to control valve bounce and high performance solid lifters for street reliability. You can add 30-45HP to the engines power output.


Our precision gear drive option has an undeniably noticeable sound and will provide a bit more accurate cam timing. Be advised that there are benefits, but the down side is that the life of the gear drive system is about 10k miles and one may need earplugs if traveling longer distances at constant RPM.


Our pro series billet aluminum roller rockers make better power and torque over the standard stamped rocker not only because of the heavy duty roller trunnion to reduce friction but also because of the more accurate positive rocker arm ratio and more valve lift area under the curve. Includes premium poly locks for positive rocker positioning. We have found 5-10HP gain with this upgrade.


Our Pro Series stainless steel extreme duty roller rockers are a great choice to get the benefits of a roller rocker with maximum durability. These rockers feature heavy duty trunions, treated stainless steel construction, and precise rocker ratio swing. By building more power and torque from more accurate rocker ratios and more valve lift under the curve we have found 10-15HP gains over the stock counterparts. Better stability by the construction and premium poly locks will insure trouble free operation.


Our pro street Sehr Patriot aluminum cylinder head is the perfect combination choice for better power, torque, and to handle higher compression ratios on the street. Perfectly cast from virgin 35% T6 alloy, they have the strength to hold up to the stresses of the street. The power comes from the scientifically designed intake and exhaust ports to not only enhance CFM but also velocity that will fill the cylinder and get the bad stuff out. The Sehr Patriot features 2.02” intake and 1.60” exhaust valves, phosphorous bronze guides, premium valve seats, D-Port exhaust, straight plug, dual valve springs, 3/8” rocker studs, 7° chrome moly retainers, spring seats, viton stem seals, and 7° hard machined locks.

These are available in 180cc and 200cc intake runner depending on the cubic inch and engine use requirements. We have noticed 35-50HP gains with these heads.


If you are desiring a rotating assembly component upgrade for your hot rod, then this is the package for you. Designed for greater durability for high RPM use, NOS, or forced induction. Features our 6” SAE 4340 I-Beam rods with ARP 8740 7/16” cap screws rated to 750HP, light weight forged coated pistons, and a custom ring package that’s plasma moly or AP steel. All components have been tested and measured to withstand the higher pressures of more exotic engine designs.


This is where we can put newer camshaft technologies into the older engine designs. We do this the right way, not the cheap way. We custom design and grind our camshafts on a premium core for maximum durability and power output. We use quality morel retro fit hydraulic roller lifters, custom dual valve springs, chrome moly retainers, and steel locks. We use Trend chrome moly custom length pushrods so rocker geometry is at where it should be for maximum performance. We have seen over 50HP gains over our standard street rod camshafts and gains of 45 ft lbs of torque. This is accomplished by better valve lift area because a roller can open the valve quicker, hold it open longer, and set it down faster resulting in better power and torque outputs.


Our main support girdle is a great upgrade choice for an engine with higher RPM capability, greater stroke, any form of power adders, or high stress situations. The Ford blocks are primarily 2-bolt mains and are shy on strength for 4-bolt cap installation. The main girdle is designed to eliminate excessive block flex and cap walk resulting in better durability and power output.


Our Stage One head porting option is designed to equalize and clean up air flow. We bowl blend the intake and exhaust which will make the charge flow quicker and will fill the cylinder with more air and fuel. The exhaust will be enhanced to help the exhaust charge out of the cylinder quicker and more efficiently. We have observed an average of 20-25HP increases with this package, depending on application.


Our Stage Two head port package includes all of our stage one plus intake and exhaust port matching. Port matching the intake port and opening up the critical pinch points will increase and balance the entry points of the intake runners. The better we can balance the air volume per cylinder, the more balanced the power output per cylinder will be. By equalizing the exhaust port exit dimensions the exhaust flow will be balanced as well, resulting in better throttle response, power, and balanced fuel burn. We have seen an average of 25-35HP gains with this porting package, depending on application.


Our Ford small block Pro Cyclone aluminum heads are the perfect choice for more power, torque, and engine weight reduction. Our unique design features a high swirl combustion chamber to ignite the fuel mixture better and quicker. These heads are available in sever different custom designed intake runner cc’s and volumes depending on engine cubic inch and engine requirements. All heads feature premium phosphorous bronze guides, hard steel seats, 2.02” – 1.60” premium stainless steel valves, dual valve springs, chrome moly retainers, steel locks, and viton valve stem seals. These heads have proved to make a 30-50HP increase over the iron head engines due to better designed ports, combustion chamber, and the ability to run higher compression ratios with today’s pump fuel.

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